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Giulia Luppi, studentessa di Bologna partita ad Agosto per il suo anno scolastico presso la Central Valley High School ad Aliquippa, in Pennsylvania, ci scrive con grande entusiasmo: “a scuola vado bene e sto creando nuove amicizie giorno dopo giorno! Ho fatto parte del musical della scuola ed è stato stupendo!

When doing an exchange year you open your mind your heart your life and you allow yourself to be filled with new experiences, ideas, and cultures. You change in unimaginable ways. You will ultimately put yourself through one of the hardest but yet most rewarding experiences that life has to offer. My experience has been truly amazing and humbling. I got placed in Bologna which is a extraordinary city but I got placed with an even more extraordinary family.

“Megan and I were welcomed warmly by our host mother upon our arrival in South Korea, on February 27th, after a 13 hour flight from our international gateway. Meeting her for the first time ever at the airport, we were relieved to see how enthusiastic she was about us becoming a part of her family; treating us as if we were natural family members, and making sure that we were as comfortable as possible. Our first night was great, and despite being tired from a long journey, we were still able to enjoy eating chicken with the family and learning more about each other.

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